Layer 2 Aggregation

Acceleration is a facilities-based aggregator of Private-Line and xDSL services. We wholesale access to our network to Service Providers, Wireless Providers, CLECs, DLECs, VoIP Providers, and large Enterprise clients. Acceleration combines the networks of several regional and national providers into a single platform, allowing its Partners a single point of interface.

Acceleration specializes in Layer 2 aggregation, either via native ATM or PPPoE tunnel switching. This allows our wholesale partners the ability to touch many access networks via a single interconnect, usually DS3 or Ethernet. Available access networks include AT&T Southeast (the former Bellsouth 9-State region), CenturyLink Florida (the former Embarq Florida footprint), Verizon, Brighthouse, twTelecom, Level 3 Communications, Covad Communications, and New Edge Networks. In addition to these networks, several other fiber-optic and access networks are available at our point-of-presence (POP) locations and can easily be added to a Layer 2 aggregation cloud.

Acceleration has a particular density in the Southeastern United States, where just about every LEC network is interconnected, providing the largest Southeastern ADSL footprint available via one provider. Other networks compliment this dense Southeastern footprint, such as Covad Communications, which provides Dedicated ADSL, SDSL, and T1 services in just about every Tier 1 market nationwide. Other services that can be mapped into the Layer 2 cloud include meet-point circuits, long-haul private-line, and Metro Ethernet access.