Attention Valued Customers: We have been closely monitoring Tropical Storm Elsa as it approaches our area and have all backup power systems available to ensure that should we lose power we are able to generate our own. Emergency staff will be on standby and ready to perform the necessary actions required to bring any services back online should interruptions occur.


Here at Acceleration, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any and all IT related work, from phone installation to fiber internet and everything in between. We are an MSP that works with small and medium sized businesses across the state in many high-speed and fast-paced fields, where connectivity to the internet isn’t just important, it’s essential, and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our customers online during their busiest moments.

But what is an MSP?

An MSP is a Managed Service Provider that specializes in IT work for companies that need IT support but don’t need a full fledged staff to assist with their technical issues. Here at Acceleration, we have many beneficial services for our clients in need of IT support. We offer a wide variety of support levels to guarantee your company will benefit from us, whether you need simple DNS hosting for your website or a complete telephone and fiber optic installation and your own email client to boot, Acceleration can and will accomplish this task, making sure to match exactly what the customer expects and envisions for their company. In addition, each and every one of our clients tells us what they need, not the other way around, and we work with you to make acceleration an affordable and reliable service that you won’t regret with custom plans on an individual basis, there’s no paying for redundant or unnecessary products here.

So what do you need to sign on with Acceleration?

Just give us a call. Our friendly support staff will be more than happy to send someone over to assist you in person, as well as offer phone support for your questions and troubleshooting needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!