Open Source Projects

Our open source strategy is simple:

open-source-logoSave time and money by building on top of existing open-source systems where possible, and contribute back to the community when doing so has no significant downside.

We have used this strategy with great success on a variety of projects, believing that most of the value in a piece of software is derived from the humans creating, maintaining, and using the program and the data therein.

Your data is protected and never shared. In our experience, when trading source code with other organizations, the value of the actual files has consistently been overestimated.

Of the many open-source programs and frameworks we’ve customized and deployed, some of the more well known are: CLSQL, MySQL, trac, WordPress, phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL, MediaWiki, and Firefox.

We always look at things on a case-by-case basis, trying to ensure that our client’s interests are being preserved. If you have questions or concerns, ask us about it!