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Mail Hosting Services

  • 32 mailboxes

    Mailboxes are accounts that store mail on your domain. For instance, if your domain was, one mailbox could be named, and another could be, for a total of 2 used mailboxes.
    • 2 GB storage limit per mailbox

    • 2000 outbound e-mails per day per mailbox

    • 100 MB sending/receiving attachment size limit

      The size of attachments you are allowed to send or receive via e-mail.
  • POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols supported

    POP3 (Post Office Protocol, version 3) is a protocol which allows for e-mail clients such as Outlook to download messages.

    Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP for short, is a protocol which allows e-mail clients such as Outlook to read mail stored on a mail server. The advantage IMAP has over POP3 is that you can keep your mail stored in a central location, along with folders, on the mail server.

    SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) is a protocol which allows for e-mail to be sent from one computer to another.

  • WebMail (encrypted with SSL)

  • Mailing list support

  • Management Control Panel

    Manage mailboxes for your domain with our mail management control panel. Adding, removing, and modifying accounts will be easily available to you.
  • Domain and single-user aliasing

    If you’d like to have one mailbox honor multiple aliased names, you can use this feature. For example, if you have the mailbox, you can create aliases ‘onlinesales’ and ‘salesdepartment’ for the mailbox, and people attempting to e-mail either of the three names will have mail delivered into the mailbox.
  • Content filtering options

    This powerful system allows you to accept, reject, or delete e-mails that fit certain criteria.
  • Anti-spam options

    We have several anti-spam options available. You can either have messages that appear to be spam have the subject line tagged with “[Spam]” in the subject line, reject messages that appear to be spam, or have messages placed into a Spam folder.
  • Auto-responder support

    Going out of town on a vacation or business trip for a while, or just want an automated response when someone e-mails a mailbox? Setup an auto-responder! Flexibility options include how often to respond, only if the message is to that mailbox (does not trigger for carbon-copied messages), and if the e-mail is received within a certain date range.
  • Catch-all support

    A catch-all account is an account that is configured to store any e-mail that was destined for an address that does not exist. For instance, if you have a catch-all account of configured, and someone tries to send to but the account doesn’t exist, mail will be placed in the account.

Infrastructure Specs

  • RAID storage

  • Nightly Backups

    We backup your web data nightly in case you wish to recover an item that you may have recently deleted.
  • Server Monitoring

    We monitor all of our servers to ensure that your web site has the highest level of availability possible.
  • Battery Backup

    All of our servers are placed on our battery backup system (also known as a UPS). A UPS provides clean continuous power in case of a temporary power failure or a power spike.
  • Backup Generator

    Should we have a continued power outage, our backup generator will automatically turn on and sustain power to our infrastructure until normal power is resumed.

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