Mail Bagging

Mail Bagging is a service that allows for e-mails to be gathered while your mail server is unavailable.
Starting at $10/month

We offer three different options to our customers.


ETRN (Extended Turn) is a protocol that allows you to pull your mail from our mail servers at intervals you specify. For instance, if you want to run your own mail server on a slow connection, you can configure your Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to only check our mail servers for mail every hour, or during off-peak hours. ATRN (Authenticated Turn) functions the same as ETRN, except that authentication is supported (aside from IP address verification, which ETRN strictly relies upon).


Mail is stored on our mail servers until your mail transfer agent requests the mail. This allows you to work around extended outages.


Your mail transfer agent must support either ETRN or ATRN and you will be required to enter in configuration data we provide.

Backup Domain offers a Backup Domain solution, which attempts to deliver any mail for your domain to your MTA at standard retry intervals. This is the most convenient backup solution, as no configuration need to be made to your MTA. It is essentially an additional hop between the sender and your mail server.


No configuration is necessary on your end.


If mail services are not restored on your end within the specified retry interval, a delivery failure will be sent back to the sender.

POP3 Connector

If you are running Exchange or any mail server that supports collecting mail via a POP3 connector, we can configure mail bagging in this manner. The simplest configuration specifies a catch-all account to handle all mail, but your POP3 connector can also be configured to fetch mail per account (if supported).


Natively supported in Exchange.


When configured to retrieve from a catch-all account, some e-mails such as e-mails with a blind-carbon-copy recipient cannot be properly delivered due to their ambiguity.

Monthly Limits

A mail bagging account should not exceed the following soft limits per month (whichever comes first):

  • 1GB
  • 100,000 e-mails

Note: If limits are exceeded, you will be billed an additional $10 per tier you exceed. (For example, if our mail services process 350,000 e-mails for your domain, you will be charged $40.)

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