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Lite Basic Corporate

Core Features

Hosting for 1 domain name (DNS included)
Disk Space 250 MB 2GB 50GB
Data Transfer Limit 5GB 50GB 200GB
Domain forwarding (DNS included) 1 5
Subdomains 2 10
HTML Updates 1 2
Custom component installation
Standard SSL Certificate
Customizable Error Pages
Multiple site discount
E-mail and Phone support

Mail Services

Mailboxes 8 16 32
• Storage limit per mailbox 100MB 500MB 1000MB
• Outbound e-mails per day per mailbox 500 1000 2000
• Sending/receiving attachment size limit 100 100 100
POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols supported
WebMail (encrypted with SSL)
Mailing list support
Management Control Panel
Domain and single-user aliasing
Content filtering options
Anti-spam options
Auto-responder support
Catch-all support

Web Traffic Analysis

AWStats log analyzer
Log files

Programming Languages

Microsoft.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0


MySQL Databases 1 5
Microsoft Access
ODBC DSN support

File Transfer Methods

Accounts allowed 2 5 25
FTPS secure FTP access
Customizable home folders and permissions

Infrastructure Specs

RAID storage
Nightly On-site Backups
Server Monitoring
Battery Backup
Backup Generator