Managed Services for Virtual Private Servers

Why worry about your virtual private server 24/7 when you can put the worry on us?

Managed Services for Virtual Private Servers from Acceleration gives you the peace of mind that we’re always watching over your server. Leave the babysitting up to us!

Features of Managed Services for VPS

Below is a list of features that comes with our Managed Services for VPS plan.
Have special needs? No problem! We can work with you to develop a plan that works best for you.

Content Backup

Files such as web content and application data are backed up nightly off of the virtual dedicated server. You just let us know what it is you need backed up and we take care of the rest.

Database Backup

If your virtual server utilizes MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server, we will configure custom backup jobs tailored to your needs.

Connectivity Monitoring

If a network connection is lost to your server, Acceleration is notified and responds to the alert.

Service Monitoring

If a service (WWW, FTP, etc.) that utilizes the network stops responding or exceeds defined thresholds, Acceleration is notified and responds to the alert.

Server Statistics

Acceleration monitors the virtual server’s resources (CPU usage, RAM usage, Disk Space, etc.), allowing us to analyze potential or current issues. Want to view this data as well? No problem! Client access to the information is provided upon request.


Our Managed Services plan comes with one hour of monthly support to cover common tasks such as implementing new components, fixing permissions issues, or whatever technical support is required on the virtual dedicated server. Additional support time is billed at an hourly rate unless otherwise noted.

Getting Started

Are you ready for Acceleration to manage your virtual server? Contact us today to get started!

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